Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Our made to measure aluminium venetian blinds are the perfect solution for any space. From home windows to office windows, our aluminium venetian blinds will transform your live or work space by giving it a sleek, clean look with complete control over the amount of sun light that enters the room.

Plaswood Venetian Blinds

Our Plaswood blinds are ideal for high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Plaswood Blinds are a practical and economical alternative to normal wooden blinds.

Roller Blinds

Percolate your light with simple fabric roller blinds that are neat, functional, practical and low maintenance. Fabric and patterned roller blinds provide an uncluttered windows treatment that is more economical than curtains.

Wood Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds bring a classic, timeless style and natural beauty to any home or office. They are a very popular way to improve the look of windows and make your living or working area appear bigger and more spacious.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds are ultra light, stylish and energy efficient. They have a unique cellular design that create a barrier of insulation that reduces heat in summer and maintains warmth in winter. Our honeycomb blinds come in a variety of colours in both light-filtering and block-out options which will always accentuate your decor.

Vertical Blinds

Our fabric vertical blinds provide a decorative and effective method in which to control light while still maintaining a perfect view. Fabric vertical blinds are the most economical type of blinds for homes and offices. Vertical window blinds are popular for all types of rooms as the fully closed slats offer increased privacy and protection from strong sunlight.

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